What to end in 2019…

As the theme of December’s GLAM Blog Club is End these are the top three things I’ll be ending in 2019. Sometimes you have to quit things that aren’t working or habits that don’t help you in order to be a happier librarian!

1. Volunteering for causes I’m not passionate about: A happier librarian values her time and knows that happiness comes from doing what you love not what you think you should do. I am passionate about libraries, mental health, being an ally for First Nations people and LGBTIQ advocacy. I am not passionate about chairing meetings, writing minutes, strategic plans or policy talk so I need to be honest about how I spend my spare time and what I do with my energies.

2. Reading finance books by middle aged men: What is it with young women and The Barefoot Investor? He’s a smug middle aged, married guy. He knows nothing about being a young, single woman! I’m not reading any more patronising, assuming finance books by men who don’t understand women generally earn less than them, have half the amount in their super and are much less likely to be in leadership roles (or have leadership salaries).

If you want financial advice for women try reading Emily Power’s How To Buy A Home, Cosmopolitan magazine or ask me! I bought my first home in Sydney at 27, I have a budget and make voluntary contributions to my super, I’ve never had a credit card, I paid off all my HELP debt, I have a savings account, an emergency fund and an every day bank account. And although I earn less than $80 000 a year I can still save enough to travel overseas every 12 months and to treat myself to brunch once a week. This happier librarian handles finance #likeaboss! Do I really need to read about it?

3. Comparing myself to other people: I have a friend who is very beautiful, talented and accomplished. Every time I see her I start to shrink inside. The same thing happens when I scroll travel bloggers on Instagram. I feel ugly, stupid and worthless.

Happiness theorists say that comparing ourselves to others is one of the main causes of unhappiness. As Sarah Knight says in her book of the same name, “you do you“. Don’t worry about what other people are achieving or how fabulous they look – focus on being the best you you can be. And this will help you to be a better friend too.

I really hope I can end these three habits for a happier 2019. It won’t be easy but my status as a happier librarian depends on it! What will you end next year?


6 thoughts on “What to end in 2019…

  1. Here’s cheers to letting go of what doesn’t make us happy, inspired or empowered. Great post, Anne. I think I read about a third of The Barefoot Investor and thought ‘I really don’t need this’. I totally get the shrinking feeling when I see someone fabulous. I think ‘you do you’ is up there with the best advice anyone can take on. Hope you have a lovely new year break and let’s catch up soon.

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    1. Thanks for this, Alisa. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t need The Barefoot Investor! And it’s nice to know someone else can identify with that shrinking feeling, although it is not nice to have. Hope you have a happy holidays and look after yourself. It will be great to catch up! Thanks again for reading my blog.


  2. A top 3 to let go of. ‘Being the best you’ and ‘only doing things that you value’ are great goals to keep in mind.
    Most of us look for inspiration at this time of the year and your post is a great reminder of how three changes can help us live a happier existence. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Anne!

    I read Barefoot (and had the same reservations about the author’s tone and ‘target audience’) and I’ve done my best to ‘clean up’ my financial act, the struggle is very real and I am still very much learning.

    I’d love to read your tips sometime, I’ve come a long way but I always value the advice and experiences of others! I’m particularly keen to hear about how you budget to travel every year. If you wrote a blog post on all that stuff, I’d be very keen to read!

    Hope 2019 is off to a good start for you 🙂


    1. I’ll definitely take your advice to do a blog post on how to budget for travel. I have to admit most of what I’ve learnt about finance has been from Cosmopolitan magazine and the TV show, Two Broke Girls! Thanks for reading my blog and great to hear you’re getting your finances under control. Hope 2019 is being good to you 😃


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