Gratitude hack for the happier librarian…

Gratitude is a favoured path to happiness for happiness theorists, Martin Seligman and Gretchen Rubin who devotes a chapter to expressing gratitude in her book, The Happiness Project. Ways to practice gratitude in everyday life can range from writing a gratitude letter to keeping a gratitude journal.

As a librarian, the best recommendation for gratitude I have used came to me from a friend. I call this one a gratitude hack! She suggested writing a list each day of three things that went well at work. This is a simple but effective way of practicing gratitude that doesn’t require keeping a journal or writing long letters.

I find this hack particularly useful in a client service role as it allows you to reflect on interactions with clients that went well and use similar strategies to enhance future communication. So if you’re looking for a short but sweet strategy for being a happier librarian try keeping a diary or notebook of three things that went well at work and reflect on how grateful you are for the successes of your day.

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