Three bad jokes: Why librarians need humour…

For this month’s GLAM Blog Club theme of humour hear me tell three bad jokes! I’ll remind you why humour is such an important part of being a librarian. I’ll also make a reading recommendation every librarian needs in their toolbox and give a happiness tip to help lighten anybody’s mood.

Three ways to boost your happiness for free and how to set a reading goal…

Free is this month’s GLAM Blog Club theme and it goes well with my interest in happiness. In my vlog I’ll tell you three ways you can boost your happiness for free, including going to the library. That’s right! You don’t need money to be happy. I’ll also give you a happiness tip about how to set a reading goal for 2020.

All the single ladies: Intersections between happiness and feminism

If you’ve ever wondered where happiness and feminism meet this is the vlog for you! In this month’s GLAM Blog Club post on the theme of Intersection[s] find out why you can’t always trust what you read about happiness and get a reading recommendation to challenge some commonly held beliefs. This one is for all the single ladies who get mis-perceived as unhappy. I’ll tell you how to flip that switch!

Purpose is passion to a happier librarian

I’ve just finished reading a book called How To Be Happy At Work by Annie McKee. She says that happiness at work is about having a sense of purpose and meaning. Purpose is tied to passion, the theme of this month’s GLAM Blog Club.

Usually the things we are most passionate about also bring us a sense of purpose. For example, I am passionate about helping people, whether they’re my friends or my clients. I’m also passionate about travel, mental health, Indigenous and LGBQTIA+ rights. Through paid work, volunteering and my PhD study I am following my passions for all of these things and, in turn, I lead a happier, more purposeful life.

My tips for finding purpose through your passions are:

1. Make a list of 10 things that make you happy and think about how you can integrate these into your daily life. They can be as simple as brunch food, Twitter and reading a magazine – just make sure you make room for them and enjoy them.

2. Volunteer! It’s linked to increased happiness and allows you to pursue your passions without changing careers. I volunteered as a mental health community presenter with the Black Dog Institute for five years because it gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion for mental health advocacy while still continuing my other passion of being a librarian (9am-5pm)!

3. This advice is borrowed from Russ Harris’ book, The Happiness Trap but work out what your values are and only pursue work that aligns with them. If you value honesty look for companies with good communication channels and if you value work-life balance choose employers who offer flex time.

That’s my advice, though even I don’t always heed it. I hope if you haven’t found your purpose yet this post on passion will help you get there because both passion and purpose are vital to being a happier librarian!